Why was my strategy under 14-day Free Trial removed/deleted?


First, I'm really sorry that you were surprised by the fact that your 'free trial strategy' would be removed.

We tried to tell you about that when you began your trial (see screen shot below, which is what you saw when you began your trial).

Our goal isn't to make you sad or angry. There's a reason for this policy. It's really important we maintain the integrity of the site for strategy subscribers. If we allow people to keep their free trials, here is what will happen in a lot of cases:

People will sign up, start a free strategy, place a bunch of risky trades.

They may work... they may not.

If they don't work, they'll try again.

And again.

And again.

Finally, sooner or later, they will start a strategy that just happens to work. And then they'll be allowed to 'keep that strategy' and market it to subscribers.

(I'm not saying you personally would do this, but others might. So we need to establish firm and clear-cut policies.)

That's why require all free trial strategies to be reset before becoming public. Because, once a Trade Leader pays money, he has some 'skin in the game' and will be less likely to start 100 strategies until one happens to work.

That's the theory, anyhow.

In summary, I'm really sorry our text wasn't clear, and that we managed to surprise and upset you. I hope your experience at C2 will be really great, and in a few days, this will be a small blip in our relationship.