Why run your strategy on Collective2?

Collective2 is the world’s largest open trading-strategy platform. If you are good trader, or have developed a good trading algorithm or trading method, you should publish your trades on C2. You choose how much to charge monthly for access to the trade signals from your strategy, and then keep 50% of the monthly subscription.


Top Trade Leaders on Collective2 can earn serious revenue. We only show the top 20 here, because… well, because that’s all we have room for. But there are many more strategies doing well. Join them.

With over 102,000 registered users, and hundreds of millions of dollars of automated transactions flowing through our platform each week, Collective2 is the dominant trading strategy platform.

If your strategy performs well at C2, you will probably make money. How much? That obviously depends on your strategy, but we can give you some benchmarks. The highest-grossing strategy on C2 has earned over a half-million dollars. Several strategies earn their managers over $100,000 dollars in revenue. And quite a few good strategies cluster around the $50,000 to $80,000 level.

Our AutoTrade technology is compatible with more brokers than anyone else. When you publish your strategy using Collective2, you automatically offer the world’s best AutoTrade technology to your strategy subscribers.

This increases the appeal of your strategy. And here’s what you need to do to offer AutoTrade technology to your subscribers: nothing. That’s because our AutoTrade technology is completely transparent and seamless to strategy developers: just enter your buy/sell signals through Collective2; and we take care of the rest, including making your strategy “auto-tradable” at more brokers than anyone else.

How much does Collective2 cost for Trade Leaders (Strategy Managers)?

You can create a trading strategy for free. Use this period to try our features. Kick the tires for 14-days, enter buys or sells (“signals”), explore trade entry methods, and generally learn your way around. If you like us (we’re sure you will) then we ask you to select a plan based on your needs. 

Once you start signing up subscribers, we’ll take care of all the transaction processing. We charge a flat 30% fee for any subscriptions you collect through Collective2, but only if and when you collect subscription fees. This fee includes our credit card costs.

Everything is included:

  • Offer Autotrading to subscribers. Included.
  • Broadcast signals via email, Instant Messenger, or cell phone. Included.
  • Private forum for your subscribers. Included.

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