How to switch Autotrading from SIM to live broker account?

Here are the steps on how to switch your AutoTrading over to a live brokerage account. Provided you have already setup AutoTrading for a system in a Simulated Broker (SIM) account, please follow these steps.

Click the AutoTrade menu from the left margin then select AutoTrade Control Panel.

You will see the systems that you are currently AutoTrading in your SIM account.
Click on Configure.


You will be presented with the following fields:

• AutoTrade This (important): The instruments that the system trades: Check off the box for the instruments you want to trade.

• Max Trade Size (optional): Enter the max amount of contracts/lots/$ amount. Click the question mark for additional help.

• AutoTrading Scaling (defaults to 100%): Enter a percentage of how closely you want to follow the system. Click the question mark for additional help.

• Stop Loss (optional): Enter a auto stop loss to be entered for every position. Click the question mark for additional help.


• Your Broker Account Information Click on Change This. Click on the Interactive Brokers icon (if you have an IB account) or Show all compatible brokers link located in the top right corner of this new window Scroll down the list of logos and click on your broker.

• Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account information section.


Confirm your choices and click the Turn on AutoTrade button. Your broker will receive a request to ensure that your account is ready for AutoTrading.

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