How to change Autotrading from one broker to another

To change a strategy from AutoTrading in one broker (including SIM) to another broker, follow these steps:

  • Stop AutoTrading in the current broker account (including SIM).
    • From AutoTrade Control Panel, click Stop AutoTrading for the strategy. Elect to close open positions or leave them open. The choice is yours.*
  • Strategy will now appear in the Available for AutoTrading section.
  • Click the Setup AutoTrading button under the strategy to enter the AutoTrade Configuration wizard.
  • If you don't see your broker right away, click on the blue text that says "Show all Compatible brokers". All broker logos will appear greyed out, click on your broker logo, it will then appear highlighted and proceed through the wizard.

*If you're turning off AutoTrade in SIM account, just close positions.

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