Did C2 change its Trade Leader price (formerly Listing Fee)?

For 'Trade Leaders' we have changed our pricing a bit, so that now we have different prices for different feature sets. 

One of the most obvious changes is that we've shifted to a smaller monthly charge, like most other web companies (instead of requiring a large up-front 6-month commitments). Perhaps less obvious -- but really great for strategy owners -- is that we now allow you to reset your strategy as often as you like for a small reset fee -- i.e. you no longer need to pay a full $120 every time your strategy gets restarted. 

All in all, these changes may amount to a price increase in some cases; but in other cases may wind up more of a 'wash.' 

For all but the 'Starter' plan we have ABSOLUTELY NOT changed the percentage of customer subscription dollars that you receive when customers pay you. You still keep 70% of subscriber dollars.

And finally, if you are a Trade Leader and you like the old way of doing things, you can lock in the current prices and the current semi-annual 'Listing Fee' business model for as long as you want by purchasing Listing Fees before January 15, 2017 for any currently-existing strategy.

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