How to Subscribe to a strategy on Collective2

To subscribe (or resubscribe) to any system, just go to the strategy page and click any of the two options:

1 Free Trial - Select this if you want to subscribe and autotrade in C2's simulated brokerage account. This green button will only appear if strategy offers a free trial period. If you have subscribed before but did not finish the free trial period, this button will still be available to you. Once you have used up the free trial, this button will not appear to you any more.

2 Subscribe - Select this if you want to subscribe and autotrade in a live account. After subscribing, a Setup Autotrade link will appear beside your subscription started date. Click this to enter your broker Account number and choose your autotrade settings.

Note: You can also Setup Autotrade from the left hand navigation menu Autotrade > Control Panel.


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