Getting Paid

The 5 W's for getting paid as a Trade Leader here on C2:

Who - Who sends you the remittance.

Remittance is paid to you by Collective2.

What - What is earned and how is it calculated.

We charge a fee (based on your Trade Leader plan) for any subscriptions you collect through Collective2, but only if and when you collect subscription fees. This fee includes our credit card costs.

If and when we process any refunds for your subscribers, there is also a small fee to cover the credit card costs of the refund transaction, as per the terms of service:

Where - Where are remittance payments sent.

Payments are transmitted through PayPal to the email address associated with your C2 account. You do not need to set up a PayPal account before your first remittance payment. PayPal will inform you that you have a payment waiting, and will allow you to set up your account and collect your funds then.

Make sure that you have added and verified/confirmed your C2 email address with PayPal. If you already have a main PayPal account that is not your C2 email address, you can request that PayPal "link" the two email addresses. PayPal can then route C2 payments to your main PayPal email address. Contact PayPal for further assistance.

If you live in a country where PayPal refuses to send you payments, we can work out an alternative arrangement in which checks can be mailed to you, for an additional service fee of $10 per check. The checks will be drawn on a U.S. bank and payable in U.S. dollars. Please note that we will hold your check until your balance reaches $500. For a complete list of our policies regarding payments by check, please email the help desk.

Action needed: Make sure to complete the Taxpayer ID section under Your Account. Non-US strategy managers must check off a box confirming they are not US residents and US residents need to complete a W9. This step (regardless of method of payment) must be completed before any remittance is processed. It only needs to be done once. We only send out 1099s to US Trade Leaders if C2 has sent you over $600 in the calendar year.

When - When you'll get paid.

On the 20th of every month, our computer software calculates the "remittance" that is due to each system developer. This is the amount we have charged your customers on your behalf, less C2's fees and any refunds we have issued.

In order to decrease our financial risk of credit card refunds and "chargebacks," we will remit transactions only when they are 45 days or older. This means that your very first remittance might take as long as 75 days to arrive (if the stars are aligned in an unlucky fashion for you!). However, once you receive your first remittance, you will receive your next remittance 30 days later, and remittances will continue on this monthly cycle - every thirty days, on the 20th of the month.

 Why - Because you're awesome and you've earned it. Keep up the good work!