PlatformTransmit Program Explained

The PlatformTransmit feature allows account holders to publish their live or simulated trades as a strategy on C2 without needing to enter the orders on C2. Every trade in the connected platform account appears as a trade signal on the strategy, and anyone can subscribe to the resulting strategy and AutoTrade it in real time just like any other strategy. 


How it works

  1. When a Platform side order gets FILLED, a Buy or Sell MARKET order is sent to C2
  2. Existing strategies can be used or a new strategy can be created for the user's trades. 
  3. There can be up to only one Trade Leader Strategy (target) per Platform Account (source).
  4. The user can select any combination of asset classes in a Leader strategy. (e.g. user could choose to publish only his futures trades as a Leader, even if he also trades stocks).
  5. AutoSync will sync all positions in the Leader's platform account with the Leader strategy.
  6. Anyone on C2 can subscribe to a Trade Leader strategy just like any other strategy.


How to get started

"How to connect" articles:


Things to know

  • C2 Trade Entry form: Entering trades on the C2 site is disabled. Existing trades will be synced and flattened if necessary.
  • Open Positions in platform account: Open positions in the platform account will be opened in the strategy at market, when PlatformTransmit is enabled.
  • PlatformTransmit is available with Trade Leader Basic plan (including trial period) and higher.