3. PlatformTransmit for TradeStation 9.5

To "run a strategy" here on Collective2, you'll need to submit buy and sell signals. That means: when it's time to buy something, you need to tell us, "Buy now." When it's time to sell, you'll need to tell us, "Sell now."

In other words, at Collective2, you never post an imaginary track record, based on how you would-have (should-have... could-have) traded.* You actually have to tell us: "It is time to buy XXX now." Or: "Take a profit now on my position in YYY." The results of these real-time buy and sell signals are the track record we show to prospective subscribers.

How it works:      https://support.collective2.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005017968

Connect TradeStation (9.5):

  • PlatformTransmit is only for Futures, Forex, and Stocks. Users cannot sync / trade options yet.
  • PlatformTransmit is special Trading App capable of reading any type of order from TradeStation and posting it automatically into a C2 trading strategy which you manage. PlatformTransmit requires at least version TS 9.5 build 23.

Once you set up TradeStation 9.5, orders can be entered into your C2 system without logging into Collective2. In addition, you can use TradeStation's manual buy / sell order entry, or you can use TradeStation's automated strategies to enter new signals into C2.

You can connect only one TradeStation 9.5 Account (sim or live) to one Collective2 Strategy at this time.

NEVER use two connectors linked to the same C2 strategy, at the same time!

Minimum System Requirements:

--   Microsoft .NET 4.5 SP1 (download page)
--   TradeStation 9.5 build 23 or later

How to get started

1. Download & Install to TS 9.5:

--   Go to: https://trade.collective2.com/supported-platforms/
--   Download to your computer PlatformTransmit.TS9.Setup.exe
--   Run the Installer and wait until the setup is finished.
--   Import PlatformTransmit.ELD to TS (overwrite if necessary)
--    Restart TradeStation 9.5

2. Platform side setup

--   Connect TS and "Work Online"
--   Go to File / New / Trading App window
--   Open "Platform Transmit" Trading App - ONLY ONCE!
--   Fill your C2 Account API Key
--   Click "START Transmitting..." and wait until it becomes green
--   Minimize (if you want)

3. Collective2 side setup

--   Login to your Collective2 account
--   Go to Trade Leader Tools / PlatformTransmit menu
--   Click "Set up my PlatformTransmit" button
--   Select your desired platform
--   Fill your TradeStation Account Number (SIM or LIVE) - expl: SIM123456X
--   Select which instrument transmit to followers
--   Selet which C2 Strategy will hold your trading record
--   Click Save
--   Check the final setup again and set Status to ON.
--   That's it!

Video tutorial: soon...


4. How to Update:

--   Download the latest version, when Update Notification appears
--   Run the Updater after the download was finished and hit Next...Next...
--   Import the new .ELD version to TS and overwrite the old during the process
--   When the .ELD import was successfully finished, hit Finish button on Updater
--   Restart TradeStation

5. How to Remove:

--   Close PlatformTransmit Trading App in TS
--   Go to Windows / Apps (Programs) and Features 
--   Uninstall PlatformTransmit.TS9 application (screenshot)
--   Open TradeStation / View / Development Environment (screenshot)
--   Go to File / Open and right-click on PlatformTransmit app
--   Hit Delete option and confirm (screenshot)

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