Can I enter "complex" or "spread" or "multi-legged" or "Butterfly" or "Condor" trades?

It depends. The dependency is on the trade entry method. In other words, how you send signals to your Collective2 model account.

Here are the various methods for managing a model portfolio on C2:

Now, on to the question of multi-leg options orders and what is possible.

The most popular means of submitting signals to a model portfolio is the C2 QuickTrade web interface. QuickTrade does not have multi-leg order types. You could 'leg-in' to simple spreads but would need to be aware of how to leg-in effectively, placing the long leg prior to any short legs for example.

If you chose to use Broker Transmit, a live account at Interactive Brokers for example, and connected the platform provided by this firm to your C2 model portfolio, you can place any order type you'd like. However, and this is important, Collective2 does NOT support multi-leg orders for AutoTraders. All fills for subscribers to trading strategies on C2 are done at market.

So what this means is that while it is possible to submit spreads from a brokerage platform, C2 will record those orders as individual market fills for any AutoTraders. In most instances, this is not ideal or a 'strategy' that will scale well to having many AutoTrade customers which is the goal of most trade leaders.

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