6. PlatformTransmit for AlgoTerminal

Connect AlgoTerminal:

  • AlgoTerminal is available for Futures, Forex, and Stocks only. Users cannot currently trade options on the platform.
  • PlatformTransmit for AlgoTerminal is a seamlessly integrated broker connection plugin, capable of creating and managing strategy orders and positions on Collective2.

Once you set up AlgoTerminal broker connection, orders can be entered into your C2 model portfolio strategy without logging into the web site. We do recommend, however, that you check positions on C2 as well. 


You can connect one AlgoTerminal Portfolio to one Collective2 Strategy at this time.

How to get started

1. Download and install AlgoTerminal:

--   Go to: https://collective2.com/AlgoTerminal
--   Download AlgoTerminalSetup.exe to your computer
--   Run the Installer and wait until the setup is finished.

2. Create a free AlgoTerminal account

--  Go to https://www.AlgoTerminal.com/user/signup
-  Fill out the form and click "Create Account" button
Login using the email and password for your registered account

3. Connect to Live Datafeed

--   Open AlgoTerminal platform
--   Login to AlgoTerminal platform using your credentials
--   Go to "CONNECTIONS" menu
--   Click "New Data Connection"
--   Follow the wizard steps, then click "Finish"

4. Connect to Collective2

--   Open AlgoTerminal platform
--   Login to AlgoTerminal platform using your credentials
--   Go to "CONNECTIONS" menu
--   Click "New Broker Connection"
--   Step1: Select Collective2 from the list
--   Step2: Enter a name for the connection
--   Step3: Enter C2 account Email and Password
--   Step4: Click "Refresh" button to read your C2 Strategies
--   Step5: Select your target C2 Strategy from the dropdown list. If you do not have a strategy on C2, see https://trade.collective2.com/trade-leaders-get-paid/
--   Click "Finish" button and wait until C2 is connected
--   That's it!

Video tutorial: soon...