Is BrokerTransmit and AutoTrading supported in the same broker account?

You can use BrokerTransmit and AutoTrading in the same account. However, we should point out a couple of limitations:

You cannot check off the same instrument(s) in BrokerTransmit that you are already AutoTrading (and vice versa).

Example: You cannot check off stocks for BrokerTransmit while AutoTrading a stock strategy.

BrokerTransmit allows you (via Broker Transmit setup page) to place manual trades for the checked off instrument(s) in your broker account that you are AutoTrading and it will not disable sync. If you place a manual trade of an instrument that is not checked off for BrokerTransmit, AutoSync will be disabled.

Example: You checked off stocks for BrokerTransmit and placed a manual trade for an option trade in your broker account. AutoSync for your AutoTrading will be disabled.