Can I show backtested results?

Because of our peculiar philosophy about the importance of "go-forward public commitment," we eschew backtested results due to the selection bias inherent in them. Thus we do not allow you to import backtested results into your C2 system. 

However, it is perfectly fine if you want to describe your backtesting results, but remember to not include performance numbers in your system description on your C2 system page. After you have created a system, you can edit your system description page at any time by pressing the MANAGE button on your system's detail page and then selecting EDIT SYSTEM.

You're probably thinking "Well, how am I to compete with other systems if I don't have any history?". Well, the answer is that every vendor starts this way. No matter how old the system is that you see on C2, they are all started the same... with no history or backtested data showing. The only data for your system on C2 is what happens here on C2.

You can send backtesting results to potential subscribers, but C2 cannot verify them on your behalf.