P/L Report - Performance Report

The data showing on the P/L Report is meant to reflect an estimate of what your brokerage account would look like.

The reason why we are only able to show a good estimate is because there are many factors that we do not know about such as special/discounted broker charges, negotiated commissions, any interest or margin rates charged, currency conversion rates, and even manual adjustments performed in your account by your broker. 

In addition to the above, we don’t know about options exercises or assignments nor any manual trades or margin calls that take place in your account. So we try our best to show what we think is as close to what you would see in your brokerage account, but for the most accurate numbers traders should fully rely upon the ones provided by their broker.

You can edit or "clean up" your P/L Report

When you click on the pencil, a pop up will show you 3 tabs:

  • Edit: You can change the execution price used for this trade in the P/L Report, Change the value above, and then press Save.
  • Delete: You can entirely remove this transaction from the P/L Report. You will be able to undo this later.
  • Reassign: Sometimes Collective2 assigns a brokerage transaction to an incorrect strategy. If you think the transaction above "belongs" to another strategy, you can reassign it. Enter the strategy you would like the position moved to and click on Make Change.



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