How does my strategy qualify for Featured Strategy spot?

Strategy developers that want to increase awareness of their strategy can pay a small sponsorship fee to appear in our "Featured Strategy" spot.

In order to maintain the quality of the Collective2 site, a strategy must meet minimum standards to be eligible to appear in the Featured Strategy section on the Dashboard.

  • It must be have recommended more than five trades.
  • The strategy must be older than 36 hours on Collective2.
  • The strategy must be profitable to date.


You will be able to choose the length of time you want to feature your strategy.

7 days is $199 (about $28 per day)

30 days is $250 (about $8 per day) - Best deal!


All featured systems are rotated so they are displayed exactly the same number of times in an even random distribution to all people. The current design is: We show a new featured system each time the page is loaded.

Get Started

From your strategy detail page: Manage -> Market your strategy -> Feature this Strategy.