Trades-Own-Strategy (TOS) Program

Earn the Trades-Own-Strategy (TOS) Badge

Collective2 makes a special effort to promote trading strategies which are AutoTraded by the Trade Leader. We call this the TOS Program. We want you to join.

Benefits of participating

  • Strong promotion. Collective2 will heavily promote your strategy if it participates in the Trades-Own-Strategy (TOS) Program.
  • Earn subscriber trust. Very simply, investors trust strategies with managers willing to AutoTrade their own strategy.

Requirements for participating

The requirements for the TOS Program are as follows:

  • You must AutoTrade your own strategy in a live (not demo) Gen3 AutoTrade account.
  • You agree to allow Collective2 to publish the scaling percentage at which you trade your own strategy.
  • You cannot separately implement stop losses solely for your own account which are not part of your strategy (i.e. no "personal" stop losses; but of course stop-losses that are part of your strategy, and which all subscribers receive, are perfectly fine.)
  • Your AutoTrade settings must be such that you "take" approximately 90% of all trades (the exact percent varies by strategy age). If you set trade maximums or your account does not mirror your strategy for 90% of signals, your strategy will no longer earn TOS status.
  • You agree Collective2 may reveal which broker you use, and may publish your fills and trading results for the participating strategy. No other trading results will be shared. No account number will be shared.

Step #1 - You need to have a brokerage account at a participating broker. Any C2 compatible broker will work. To see the current list of brokers to choose from, click here: C2 Brokers. (For BrokerTransmit compatible brokers, see here

If you don't yet have an account, just click on the Open Account button from the Supported Brokers page. 

Step #2 - When you have a C2 compatible broker account funded and ready for trading, go to your strategy detail page, click on Manage, and then Certify Trades-Own-Strategy (TOS).

Step #3 - At the bottom of the TOS info page, click on the green button Configure your TOS Program Settings.

Step #4 - Click Configure for the strategy you'd like to earn the TOS badge for and follow the on screen instructions.

Your request to begin AutoTrading will be sent to your broker for approval. This could take 2-3 business days.

TOS badge will appear after approximately 10 trades have executed in your brokerage account from TOS AutoTrading.