How do I change my subscription price? What if I want to grandfather existing subscribers?

Strategy Managers can change their price any time. To change your subscription price, follow these steps:

  • Go to your System page
  • Click the Manage button
  • Click the Edit Strategy button
  • Enter your new price in the field and Confirm Change
  • All subscribers will be emailed a 7 day notice as a courtesy notification.

Regardless of whether existing subscribers will be grandfathered, all subscribers will be notified of the change in price.

Please have in mind that one of the following will occur:

1. You make the change in price today, but your subscriber's billing cycle is less than 7 days from now. 
On his billing day, the subscriber will be billed the old price, because it's within the cooling down period. He would have to pay your new subscription price at the new billing cycle.

2. You make the change in price today, but the subscriber's billing cycle is greater than 7 days from now. 
The subscriber will have a cooling down period to decide if he wants to unsubscribe from your strategy or continue with thew new price. If he is still subscribed after 7 days, the follower will be billed with the new subscription price. 


Once you have submitted the price increase, proceed to the Subscriber Management screen for your system and follow these steps to enter a custom billing:

  • Check off the box in the right hand column for all subscribers that will be grandfathered with a different price.
  • Click on the green button that says "Create custom billing for selected subscribers." This is located above your list of subscribers.
  • The Custom billing arrangement screen will appear. Below is a screenshot of the screen.
  • Enter the price you'd like to charge selected subscribers.
  • Enter the # of billing periods (months) or a date and time for the custom price to be in effect.
  • Click on the Create custom billing button to submit.

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