How Do I Stop AutoTrading (in a SIM, Paper or Live Broker Account)?

To stop AutoTrading in a Live, PaperTrader, or SIM* account follow these steps:

  • From left side menu - Click on Autotrade
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click on "Settings" for the strategy you want to stop
  • Click on Stop Trading

1) If you are only AutoTrading one strategy in one broker connection, you will be asked to select 1 of 3 choices:

  • Turn off and close positions (if you are AutoTrading other strategies, this is the only option)

This stops AutoTrading for this strategy only and will attempt to close any positions opened by the strategy, and will attempt to cancel any orders that were created by the strategy and are still working.

  • Turn off and leave positions open (if you are not AutoTrading other strategies, you will be show this option)

This stops AutoTrade for this strategy only, but leaves untouched the positions opened by the strategy. Also any orders created by the strategy remain.

  • Changed your mind? Click this to make no changes to AutoTrade.

2) If you are AutoTrading more than one strategy in one broker connection, all positions for this strategy you wish to stop AutoTrading will be automatically closed.


1) After you stop AutoTrading, your plan Auto-renewal remains ON until you change it to OFF. Click on Subscriptions & Plans under the gear icon in the top right corner to change it. 

2) Subscription to the strategy will not be stopped just because you stop AutoTrading. To unsubscribe from the strategy, click on Subscriptions & Plans under the gear icon in the top right corner to change it. Unsubscribe from the strategy of your choice. 

3) For SIM Account only - Stop Trading is also found on the Dashboard under the Simulation tab. Click on the gear icon for the strategy.