How do I create a discount coupon or give a free month to a subscriber?

You can provide a discount to subscribers by using one of two ways via the Subscriber Management screen.

1 - You can create a custom billing cycle for any existing subscriber (i.e. already subscribed customer). Click the Custom Billing link in the row that lists the subscriber's name. Enter the dollar amount ($0.00) and set a date on when it should end. Save.

2 - You can generate a coupon code for new subscribers (i.e. customers not currently subscribed) by clicking the Generate discount coupon for new subscribers link. On screen instructions will walk you through the steps to create a coupon that you can use single or multiple times and grant subscribers the discounted amount you choose. Once coupon code is generated, forward it to your customers and remind them to type in this code at the time of subscription to automatically get the discount.

Please note that a coupon code may be used by one or multiple customers.

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