How can I attract more subscribers to my trading system?

Collective2 has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to attract traders to this site. This large marketing effort helps you garner subscribers for you and your system.

But if you are serious about earning subscription fees from your trading system, you should treat your trading system like a business and consider marketing it.

One possibility is to increase awareness of your system here on C2. You can appear in the "Featured System" box. Only systems which meet certain performance criteria are invited to appear here. We also offer marketing tools for outside website and social media outlets. See this related article C2 Marketing Tools.

Alternately, you might want to consider opportunities outside of C2. For example, you can advertise your system on Google, or on other trading sites. Be an active poster (but not a spammer) on non-C2 forums and message boards. C2 allows you to create a "shortcut" link that you can include in your posts and emails and advertisements. When someone clicks this link, they can be taken directly to your trading system on C2.

Finally, keep in mind the most important thing you can do to increase your subscribers: Build a track record. Very few people will subscribe to a trading system that is brand new, has zero track record, and doesn't show profitable results. We therefore encourage you to consistently enter your trade signals here on Collective2, and have them verified and monitored by the site.

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