All about the C2 score

Q: What is the C2 score?

A: The C2 Score is between 0 and 100. It is a 'top-secret' algorithm based off of many factors compiled from each system listed on C2. We know this answer really doesn't satisfy most inquisitive users, but consider this:

As mentioned, the C2 Score gathers and compares all the data we have on a each system. Imagine every single column on The Grid compiled into a scoring/ranking order... that's the C2 Score.

Q: Why does the C2 score change so often (even during the day)?

A: We calculate the score every day and it is based on a relative ranking within the C2 universe and so is pretty sensitive. I think too sensitive, so some day we'll need to revisit this issue, but for now we can confirm that the score calculation is very variable.

Q: Why did the C2 score go down even if the strategy had a positive return?

A: The C2 score is unrelated to brief equity changes and is updated for other reasons. Remember, the C2 score is percentile based and young strategies will be highly variable. That means they will change often, and sometimes radically. The score steadies as the strategy ages.

Q: When does the C2 Score begin calculating?

A: You need 90 days of data before you get a score.

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