How do I get my Strategy noticed on C2?

C2 marketing efforts bring people to the C2 website, but your strategy is going to speak for itself once you start building a track record. Remember these key words: Performance. Performance. Performance.

Your strategy can appear on these C2 site locations for free:

Leader Board - A complex sorting algorithm selects strategies for the Leader Board. It's heavily weighted towards age, smoothness, profitability, popularity, and controlled risk as well as recent drawdown and performance.

Dashboard: Popular Strategies and Strategies Making New Highs - Similar sorting algorithms like the Leader Board are used for these lists.

The Grid: Investors can sort through all C2 strategies based off their interests.

These are not paid spots and cannot be manually changed.

The more eyes that see your strategy, the better...right? We think so.

Featured Strategy - To pay for a spot on the Dashboard, we have the "Featured Strategy" spot.

Marketing Tools - We offer tons of cool marketing tools for you to use for your own marketing efforts.

Featured Strategy and marketing tools can be found on your strategy detail page -> Manage -> Market your Strategy.

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