Can I subscribe to the same strategy and AutoTrade in multiple brokerage accounts?

One strategy subscription can be applied to only one broker account for AutoTrading. You will not be able to AutoTrade the same strategy in two broker accounts under the same C2 user login. You'll need to create a second C2 user login and subscribe again to the strategy. A second strategy subscription will be required. However, we can link your AutoTrading plan to your second user so that you only pay for one AutoTrade plan. 

To AutoTrade the same strategy in two brokerage accounts, follow these steps:

  • Create a second C2 login.
  • Subscribe a second time to the strategy.
  • Setup AutoTrading for your second brokerage account.

Note: Your first C2 login will have your first strategy subscription and AutoTrade setup permissions for your first brokerage account.



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