Strategies Making New Highs

Not all systems that make new highs are automatically placed on this section of the Dashboard. Systems are randomly selected by our software based on a proprietary math algorithm. There is no guarantee that any system making a new high will appear on the list. Once a strategy is selected by our proprietary selection algorithm (some of it is indeed randomization), it remains on the "making new highs" section until the next selection event. The timing is also somewhat random, based on caching metrics which are not deterministic. There is no guarantee either on how long the system stays on the list.

The only way for strategy developers to guarantee visibility on the Dashboard is by sponsoring the Featured Strategy spot.

If your system qualifies for the Featured Strategy, you may want to check out this FAQ article explaining the requirements:

Or, alternately, if that is not something you want to do, you can post helpful messages on the forums to get some additional visibility to site members.