Minimum Capital Required/Starting Unit Size vs Model Account Starting Equity

The Minimum Capital Required/Starting Unit Size is not the same as the Model Account Starting Equity.

Minimum Capital Required/Starting Unit Size is calculated by an algorithm that looks at the past 6-month trading activity for the strategy. The result is the smallest amount of capital you can have in an account to allow you to trade a strategy using a small Scaling Percentage without triggering a margin call or receiving a rejection notice due to insufficient funds.

The 6-month calculated amount is used to get a sense of the capital needed over the last 6-months. In the event that the strategy changes it's trading style, Minimum Capital Required number will gradually adjust as the newer trades are factored into the 6-month trading activity algorithm.

Investors who have +/- the Minimum Capital Required can adjust their scaling % accordingly or deposit more funds in their brokerage account. 

Model Account Starting Equity is the amount of capital that a developer started his strategy with.

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