_old: How to send other instrument signals from MT4 to C2

We added a "translation file" to support stocks and other instruments signals from MetaTrader to C2.

It is an optional C2MT4Connector.ini file which looks like this:


; ----------------------------------------------------
; Translation from MT4 symbols to Collective2 symbols
; ----------------------------------------------------
; Syntax: MT4Symbol = Collective2Symbol ; For example: Ger30Sep15 = XGU5
; Lines starting with semicolon are comments.
; You can EXCLUDE some symbols from being posted to Collective2.
; For example: EURCHF = EXCLUDE ; EURCHF signals will NOT be sent to Collective2
; then, but trades in MT4 will be performed!


Our C2MT4Connector looks in this file whenever it sends a signal to Collective2. If it finds a MetaTrader symbol in this file, it changes it to the Collective2 symbol and sends a signal. The symbol used inside MetaTrader is not changed. Just the symbol sent to Collective2.



  • Stop MT4
  • Download this file www.collective2.com/downloads/C2MT4Connector/C2MT4Connector.dll3
    to the MQL4\Libraries folder. (Rewrite an old file there. )
  • Start Notepad and copy the text from the example above to it.

  • Add your symbols translations there.
    For example add your next months futures symbols (including a year digit) and their translations.
    Something like this (just an example!):

Ger30Oct15 = XGV15
Ger30Nov15 = XGX15                                                                                     XGU5 should be XGU15

  • Save the file as "C2MT4Connector.ini" to the MQL4\Libraries folder too.
    (Check it again - do not make any typo!)


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