IB Direct - Things to know

  • We disconnect at midnight and reconnect every day at 1:05am ET. Trade orders during this time will be picked up by AutoSync and appropriate trade signals will be sent to the brokerage account.
  • Only Japanese corporations/businesses can trade futures of a commodity at IB. Individuals who reside in Japan are not able to trade futures of a commodity at IB.
  • Australian residents not supported: IB Compliance cannot link Australian-based clients to C2. Australian regulators will not allow resident account holders to be traded by any entity or trading program run in the US.

Non-USA Forex Traders

  • For Non USA traders who receive the rejection notice: Insufficient margin (Order increases leveraged FX position), you can log into Account Management and request cash forex (leveraged forex) permissions.
  • Currently IB does not support FXCONV orders through FIX. FXCONV is the currency conversion tool in TWS (i.e. not IDEALPRO) to convert currency amounts. These conversion orders appear as external orders and will disable AutoSync. IB has asked us to tell our clients to not use the currency conversion feature in TWS.
  • Forex exchange at IB is closed from 17:00 - 17:15 ET every day.