What is Balance Payable Now on Revenue Report

Balance payable now means: This is the sum total for all transactions for which you will eventually be paid. Then below it is the filtered "aged" transactions (i.e. transactions that will be 45 days old when the next remittance date comes around) - labeled "Balance payable on xx/xx/xx"

So the amount you see in Balance Payable Now isn't technically payable "now". The transactions need to age 45 days. Your balance calculation was worded in this strange way because you didn't collect your balance due each month right away, and you had a carried over balance from months prior.

Please be assured that the amount you have been (or will be) paid is correct. Further payments will come on the next monthly cycle.

(Indeed, we need to fix that wording! Sorry.)

In summary - you are being paid correctly. If in doubt, of course feel free to look at every transaction and see if there is one that was older than 45 days as of monthly remittance date which was not included in your payments. You will find that the reports are correct down to the penny and there are no missing transactions.