_old: How to connect MultiCharts Platform

To "run a strategy" here on Collective2, you'll need to submit buy and sell signals. That means: when it's time to buy something, you need to tell us, "Buy now." When it's time to sell, you'll need to tell us, "Sell now."

In other words, at Collective2, you never post an imaginary track record, based on how you would-have(should-have... could-have) traded.* You actually have to tell us: "It is time to buy XXX now." Or: "Take a profit now on my position in YYY." The results of these real-time buy and sell signals are the track record we show to prospective subscribers.


Connect MultiCharts

Developers who use MultiCharts to create systems can publish those systems to Collective2. This means you can sell your systems to the public, allowing any subscriber to AutoTrade your system at any Collective2-compatible broker. In addition, your code remains securely protected on your computer - you do not need to distribute the strategy code to anyone.

MultiCharts compatibility is provided through the use of the following commercial software:

  • StrategyXtender
    Send MultiCharts-generated buy/sell signals to your Collective2 trading system. This is a commercial software product developed by TraderScience. Also compatible with TradeStation. Free trial available. Learn more.


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