How do I enter trades on C2?

The simplest, most direct way to enter trades is to use our Web-based Trade Entry screen. It looks a lot like a broker's trade screen. You enter what you want to Buy or Sell, and how much, etc.

From your strategy page, click the Enter Trade menu to reach the Webtrader screen.

Then, the trade happens in your C2 Model Account, and then gets transmitted to whomever has subscribed to your system. In addition, if people are AutoTrading your system, the buys and sells get automatically relayed to their broker accounts.

You don't need any sort of broker account to be a system manager at C2. You can just enter your trades into the C2 Webtrader.

On the other hand...

Some system developers want to use their own live broker accounts to transmit their orders into the C2 Model Account. For those people, we offer support of certain commercial software packages. These software packages take the activity of their real broker accounts, and relay it to the C2 Model Account (where it further gets relayed to anyone who is autotrading). The commercial packages we support include: NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, TradeStation, QuantConnect and WealthLab. Use of these programs is optional.

You can find the list of all available signal-entry choices here:

How to enter buys and sells

Your choice of signal entry method will depend on the Trade Leader plan you have. You can Select your Collective2 Plan here.