The C2 Score Workbench

What is the Strategy Manager C2 Score Workbench?

Collective2's Quant Team is continually analyzing strategy performance. We try to determine which statistical factors, if any, are predictive of future strategy performance. We use a proprietary scoring algorithm to assign a numerical score to every strategy offered on the C2 Platform. We call this the C2 Score. We then rank strategies by C2 Score.

Although there can be no guarantees about future performance, and  while even highly ranked strategies may lose money, we believe that higher-ranked strategies are more likely to do better for Collective2 customers than lower ranked strategies.

How Strategy Managers can improve their score

Collective2 wants to help Strategy Managers improve their scores, so that they can attract more subscribers, and can be successful on Collective2. The Strategy Manager Workbench allows you to see where your strategy ranks on Collective2, and lets you explore how you might possibly improve your rank, by increasing "good" statistics, or decreasing "bad" ones.

This page shows you some of the statistics generated by your strategy, and the strategy current ranking. You can see what would happen to your ranking by changing any of the statistics on this page. This may help you adjust your strategy to rank higher on C2.


The C2 Score formula is constantly changing, as our Quant Team evaluates strategy performance and real-life data. So don't get too hung up on your today's ranking. It might change tomorrow. In addition, keep in mind that the rankings are relative, so your rank depends on how other strategies perform, too.

Finally, note that these are only a few of the factors that go into the C2 Score. Other factors are not shown here, and are part of C2's proprietary methodology.

Good luck, Strategy Manager! We want you to succeed on C2. This will benefit you, Collective2 investors, and C2 itself. We want to do whatever we can to help you improve strategy performance.