Collective2 Options Symbols

The Options Symbology key consists of the following data elements:

Security Symbol
The security symbol will have a maximum of 5 characters and may contain digits.
In those instances where there is a 5 character underlying with a corporate
action, the symbol will be converted into a 5 character symbol.

Expiration Year
The expiration year will have a maximum of 2 digits (example: year 2009 = 09)

Expiration Date
The expiration date will have a maximum of 2 digits.

Expiration Month
The expiration month is a single character code and represents month/put/call.


Strike Price
The strike price will have a maximum of 7 characters with leading/trailing 0s
trimmed and decimal point included if necessary

Here are some examples -

Cisco October Put at 19.00 Expiring on 10/20/12
Amazon April Call at 110.00 Expiring on 04/17/10
Microsoft October Call at 30.50 Expiring on 10/20/12


NOTE: If using Webtrader, it does it automatically.  Just select Expiration, Call or Put and Strike. WebTrader converts that to the symbol.