Can I AutoTrade in multiple brokerage accounts?

Yes, you can AutoTrade in multiple accounts at different brokers or at the same broker.

Two accounts at the same broker will require that you set up the second account on the broker connection called Server 2

The steps to set up an account on Server 2 are as follows:

  • Select the broker. Your first account number will be pre-filled. Delete it and enter your second account.
  • Read the new message that will appear. It will give you two choices:

- Leave AutoTrading currently setup for account XXX untouched. Setup a new account for strategy on Server #2.

Stop AutoTrading currently setup on first account so that you can change your account to something else.

  • Click on the text for the first choice if you want to proceed with setting up your second account at the same broker. You will now see the Server 2 connection, click on it (make sure it is selected), enter your second account number again. Click the green Submit button.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not click the first choice, your current setup on first account will be STOPPED and all your positions will be closed.
  • Confirm your AutoTrading settings and Submit. Your broker will be sent a request to approve AutoTrading and once approved, you'll begin to see trading activity in your second account.

2019-08-02_09-30-33.png     Screen_Shot_2017-04-03_at_9.22.26_AM.png


Note: If you want to autotrade the same strategy in multiple broker accounts, click here: Can I use a single strategy subscription for multiple brokerage accounts?