Can Open AutoTrade Positions be Modified?

Yes. Go to the Manage Positions page found under AutoTrading menu on left hand margin, seen here:



For each open position, you have the ability to do the following Actions:

  • Change Quantity
    • More: Buy to open @market, enter quantity, click "+" button.
    • Less: Sell to close @ market, enter quantity, click "-" button.
  • Add Stop Loss
    • New Stop Loss: Sell/Buy To Close, enter quantity______ @ stop ______, click on Submit button.
  • Add Profit Target
    • New Profit Target: Sell/Buy To Close, enter quantity______ @ limit _____, click on Submit button.




You will see a "signal being processed" message and then you will see the new signal in black text below the original signal which is green text.

You can Add Stop Loss or modify it by clicking on Change your current stop price, or you can click Cancel to remove it altogether.

When you modify an open position, that particular position will remain untouched by AutoTrading in order to respect your modification, and will close only when the system itself goes flat that same position.

NOTE: Only market orders are supported when changing the quantity of a position from the Manage Positions page. You can also add exit stops/limits manually to close (or partially close) a position, but you can only use market orders to increase its quantity.