Do I need brokerage approval for AutoTrading to begin?

When a trader sets up AutoTrading for the first time in a live brokerage account an email is sent to the broker for their approval. This could take from 1 to 3 business days. Brokers must make sure that the appropriate acknowledgement forms and fees are applied to your account. Good news is that this only has to happen once for each account. If you decide to setup AutoTrading for a second system or stop AutoTrading and begin again, broker approval is not required a second time.


  • If you have changed your username or password for your brokerage account and update it within the AutoTrade setup wizard, your broker will be required to approve your account again.
  • If you at any time contact the broker and ask for them to remove C2 capabilities from your account, you will need to have broker approval again if you change your mind and decide to begin C2 AutoTrading again.