What happens after I change my AutoTrading permissions?

When you make AutoTrading permission changes to your settings, AutoSync will take a look at your brokerage account and make necessary adjustments. This may result in buying or closing AutoTrade positions to get your brokerage account in sync with your new permissions.

Let's look at a change in scaling for example. If you started with 100% and you have an open position of 2 contracts from AutoTrading, if you were to change your scaling to 200%, AutoSync will sync your existing positions for that strategy. From that moment on, any positions (opening or closing) will be executed with your 200% scaling.

Using our example from above, AutoSync will buy 2 more contracts to bring your quantity up to 4 contracts.

Since changes in AutoTrading permission are entered from the C2 website and done through the AutoTrade software, it will not disrupt trading. Positions are adjusted according to your new permissions.